Woke up to some really bad news this morning. A close friend had suffered one of the hugest losses imaginable.

Task: Weep with someone who is weeping. 

If you don’t know someone personally that is weeping, then pick up a newspaper or go and visit a website, because there is enough corporate weeping going on that you can join – the families and friends of the missing airplanes, the people in the various countries that are involved in war right now [many with themselves], the rate of crime or rape or violence in your city [and if your city is doing fine, then you’re welcome to borrow mine]

If it is someone you know personally then with every piece of strength you can muster, i beg of you, DO NOT WHIP OUT A TRITE SAYING THAT IS GOING TO DO MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD. Chances are your words are useless right now [even that bible verse you are itching to send]. So start by putting your arm around their shoulder and being someone they can mourn with or on. If you have to use words then simply stick with, ‘I’m here’ or ‘I care’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘Please tell me if there is anything i can do.’

And then do the thing you can do. Offer to make a meal. Look after the children.  Clean their house. Give them a gift voucher for a meal out. Whatever they feel is a helpful way to get involved, let them direct you to that thing. Send flowers.

This is a time to be. And to weep with the person who is weeping. It is not a time to fix or talk or give reasons or make apologies even.

Just love well.


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