If i were to ask you what the best job in the whole world was, i doubt if anyone would respond, “Working with Lego” simply because, how is that a job?

But if i were to tell you that for the last two months i have lived with someone whose job is working with Lego, your response is very much likely to be, ‘Wow, that’s the best job in the world!’

So Aaron and Sarah moved in with us for a little bit and he brought with him his car with 16000 Lego pieces in the trunk.


a Lego man flower, a Lego man pumping pumpkins and the Hulk getting involved…

But before long things had started to slowly escalate:


There were some harmless fun times in between:

But things just grew worse from there:

Eventually culminating in a moment of regret:



And of course the unfortunate demise of Bobblehead Dwight from the Office:



And suddenly it appeared the Lego men were in control… and so we had to step in to show them who is boss…

But before we knew it they were calling for reinforcements:


Who showed up in droves [yes, that’s right, a ‘drove’ of Lego men and now women!]


And so it was clear that the little Lego people were here to stay, as demonstrated in this highly scientific chart:



There seemed to be nothing else we could do besides work together with them and so we created a page on Facebook to document all their crazy adventures.

And invited you to become a part of the group and start submitting your pics of Lego people living it up, which you have started to do:

And so the adventures of the little people continue… what will they get up to next?

[Email pics to brettfish@hotmail.com or stick them directly in the group to participate]