i hope that you are continung to enjoy our observance of Lent – never too late, so if you just found this now, feel free to dive in and join with us as we try to slow things down a little and add some more meaning to these 40 days…


Task: Look out the window until you find something of beauty you had not noticed before. 

if you have a camera [or a tablet, like i do] then maybe snap a shot of it and come and share it in here… but make sure you take time on the appreciating of the beauty and don’t get distracted on the taking of the perfect shot.

i looked out of the window and across the window and the first thing i spotted was the lemon tree full of lemons and that is a beautiful sight, especially in the area we live in which is categorised with a lot of violence and some lack… but i have definitely noticed that before, so i kept looking.

and it was a tie between the tree with purple [of course!] flowers and the two shaped trees in neighbouring gardens. both natural aspects of beauty and special in their own way. in our apartment we are very aware of police sirens and loud motorbike exhibitions and car tyres skidding and the overly charismatic church neighbours shouting out their sunday morning sermons… and so within the noise and sight of man-made things, it is good to be able to stop and focus on the beauty of God’s creation and be reminded that He is so much better at that than us mere mortals.

the program i was using to join them together had a space for a fourth so i headed out again and spotted the lone tree sticking ‘it’s head’ up and out above the houses and general overcrowdedness of buildings and things and it is as if she has found a way to break free and be out above the rest of the stuff saying, “Look at me, I’m free” and hopefully within that is the reminder that we can be too.


so for today that is the task – simply stick your head out the window [if you have one] or take a walk out the door and find a thing of beauty you have never focused on before – if you want to share it with us then please do so, but otherwise simply enjoy and reflect and may that help you have a clearer focus on your God today.

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