Shaun and Sam

I married my lovely photographer wife Sam on the 28th of January 2012, on a beautifully sunny day under some trees in Port Elizabeth. We’d led our church’s youth group together but had never been interested in each other romantically, and it felt like God just opened our eyes at the right time.

There’s honestly so much to say about marriage – so many lessons, metaphors, parallels. One thing I know, though, and it applies to any relationship or any task: If my eyes are on Jesus first, I’ll be able to do it right. When I’m captivated by who He is, I just want to please Him in everything I’m doing. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, at work, on the beach, during disagreements – I want to please Him.

It’s my main goal – not just as a husband, but as a person – to let my thoughts and my actions flow out of a sincere devotion to Jesus. From that place it’s easy to say sorry, to be accommodating, to be understanding, to love freely, to be gentle and kind, to look for ways to serve, to build up, to be teachable, to consider someone else more important than me.

I’ve found that the only way I can be a man who walks with the Holy Spirit and has any kind of impact is to be so focused on Jesus that I’ll do whatever it takes to please Him. It’s all done with His strength, it’s all because of Him, and it’s all for Him in the end.

My wife isn’t perfect, but she’s very easy to love and has made my job as a husband so easy. She’s very kind and gentle, very understanding, full of grace and a lot of fun to be with.

Single, married, whatever – one main thing: Eyes on Jesus.

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