when i asked Kate if she would write me a piece for this series, she ended up with a much longer post which i asked if i could share as part of the Taboo Topics series on Singleness that has been so encouraging to so many people and she agreed. but i still wanted to keep the end of this article and share it as part of this series as it gives a person with a particular point of view’s response to the same question, so here is what Kate Sherry had to say to her married friends:
‘Married friends and family, I love you. I love how you complement each other, and how you restore my faith in relationships when the media gets depressing. I love how you include me and open your homes to me. But I would love you to love where I am too, and acknowledge that marriage is not God’s only solution for a full life. It simply isn’t true that “God has someone for everyone” and you don’t need to say that it is to “make me feel better”. Not everyone is destined to get married, any more than everyone is happy being single – which I am. Let us accept and enjoy each other’s differences, and get on with the more important business of reflecting God’s all-embracing, all-honouring character to a fragmented world.’