Challenges seem to be our forte. In the 4 years we have been married, Nate and I have struggled through some pretty rough times. We both agree that last year was the hardest time in our lives. In the same week in February, Nate lost his job and I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, a disease that was threatening to kill me. If I were to tell you that we just turned the other cheek and praised the Lord for our misgivings I would be lying. It was a heart-wrenching year to say the least.

It took Nate a long 4 months to get a new job. One that he is thankful for each day. He loves it and feels as though that process taught him a lot about his career choices. I have struggled through the process of learning to change my life to accommodate the healing process from this disease and fight for my sanity. Thankfully the Lord is bigger than we are. God has blessed or marriage through this time and Nate and I have learnt a great deal about learning to love each other through the tough times. Marriage in my opinion is a path we get to walk with someone else. Remembering that our spouse is on the same rocky road allows grace when grace is needed and comfort when comfort is needed. It is not always easy to give comfort or grace when you are hurting too but allowing others to support you in that journey often helps with giving you strength to face the day.

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