The very first topic i started ‘Taboo Topics’ with was that of losing a baby with the idea that there are a lot of people who go through that horrific ordeal, but yet not many people who speak about it and so a lot of people must be struggling and suffering through in silence. Thanks to some very brave friends of mine we now have a number of really powerful stories there which have been a huge source of encouragement and also challenge to a whole lot of people.

I stumbled upon a story today of a family who recently lost their four-year-old son to a brain tumour and asked for permission to share the story and decided to do it on a separate page. I imagine there is quite a different dynamic to losing a child than losing a baby – and I am not for a second suggesting that one is any easier or harder than the other, but just different. And I have never walked that road myself and so clearly am not equipped to share much in the way of thoughts, feelings or experiences, although I am still profoundly affected by

Ii really hope these stories will be a glimmer of light at the end of that dark tunnel for a lot of you. If you know of someone who you think will benefit from hearing the stories that follow, please feel free to cut and paste/tweet/share/link/email, whatever it takes to let them know that these stories are here.

You are not alone. there is a light. and there are many people who have walked this road and are walking it and will offer you support where you are on it.

Meet Jessica and Ian and their son Henry

Meet Sarah and her daughter Alexandra