the lines were drawn

the call was made

their colours prominent displayed

it was the battle that would decide

the end to this tumultuous ride

for after this impending fight

they’d surely know who’s wrong and right


each one arrived and looked around

and so as to avoid the shame

they checked again to make quite sure

[tis tricky when you look the same]


first up it was Axe Ept platoon

this ant squad took their place

their recent swell of numbers

from deserters to their base

who more and more were making claims

that this was their team all along

their papers must have got mixed up

or maybe they’d just read them wrong


immediately welcomed in they’d been

and assigned their place to stand

soon they were marching in formation

to line up as had all been planned


meanwhile on the other side

the Toller squad had just arrived

their numbers had indeed receded

but they have not yet been defeated

in fact they took a moment’s pause

to meditate upon their cause

concluding that they still hold strong

believing that they are not wrong

despite the peer pressure to defect

they still hold that they are correct


Axe Ept fired first by stating that,

“It’s not enough to treat us well.

If you won’t believe the things we do,

then we will load another shell.”


Toller responded with their shot,

by saying, “Look, we love you lot.

We really do not want to fight.

But also can’t agree you’re right.”


the battle raged on long and hard

with neither group conceding

the conflict seemed semantical

the premise self-defeating


and as the camera pans away

other squads come into view

it seems this isn’t a two ant fight

in fact, of ants, there’s quite a few


O’Beady soldiers grappling with

the ants from squad D Phi

Comp Lai have all but given up

as Re Luct just stand by


and if you were a lonesome ant

who’d simply stumbled upon this fray

how would you choose which side to join

or would you simply sneak away?