i have been wanting to start this series for a long time and finally found a nice way to present it.

For years, when I have preached, i have found myself saying, “this is my favorite verse” followed by the quick disclaimer, “of which I have so many” and that is just so absolutely true. There are so many quality verses in the bible that I find encouraging or challenging or both, and many of them have been a source of strength and comfort to me at various times.

I am a HUGE believer in the importance of understanding verses in context and so if the verse used by itself doesn’t mean what it was meant to mean in the place where it was placed in the bible (see Jeremiah 29.11 that people LOVE to quote badly) then you should put it back where it belongs. But there are so many, that when understood and used properly, can rally be a huge boost.

And so I have been wanting to share these with you in the hopes that some of them might be an encouragement, challenge and boost to you as well.

So I hope that you will enjoy the journey as I share my most favorite verse (s) in the bible with you… and I would love to hear some of yours…

Ephesians 3.20-21 For a reminder of how BIG God and His Love is…

Psalm 46.10 – slow down and consider God

Psalm 34.18 – when you hit rock bottom…

Hebrews 12.1-2 – removing things that hinder and running strong

Romans 12.1-12 how to worship God fully as well as know His will

Psalm 119.105 – how the bible can illuminate the road for you

Isaiah 40.27-31 – for a reminder of God’s strength when we are weak and feeling like giving up