blog in

be the log in

be the log in your own eye

dictating what you write

and who and how and why you want to impress those looking in

who are these audients you seem to seek so hard to impress?


and cajole and coax

into liking and retweeting

posting and sharing

and gushing over all your stuff?

who are all these spectators?


speck takers?

who you care about so highly as to write so closely between the lines of what they are wanting  to read?

to the exclusion of what you know you should be writing?

or would know you should be writing

were you giving more attention to the still small voice.

or any attention at all, really.

but no, there is no time

you. are. on. the. move. (really! i’m certainly not lion here)


checking on site stats,

on page hits,

on follows, on retweets,

on comments, on Comet,

“On Cupid, On Donner, On Blitzen… Did I leave anyone out?”

do you leave anyone out?


have you made your list and checked it twice?

the liberals, the feminists, the Anabaptists, the gays?

the pre-reformed post-apocalyptic millennial calvinist pentecostal

resaved revirgined unconfirmed church-of-the-toxic-writhing-defanged-serpent brethren?

thou. shalt. not. offend. anyone.


except God.


oh, you can offend Him alright.

But He is thick-skinned, so don’t worry about Him

He’ll get over it quickly

He is, after all, all about Love, right?

He is, after all, about inclusion?

He is after all. Right?


and so it kinda makes sense that you are as well…


after all, the attention

after all, the followers

after all, the applause

after all.


but the word must get out

the word will get out

this word will not return void

this Word will not return void

the Word and the words will be spoken

if not by you, then by someone else

someone who is not all concerned about those who are watching

who are listening in

who are waiting for a word to be written out of line

out of the lines

that they have drawn

someone who will speak the words that need to be spoken

no matter what the consequence might be to themself

no matter what backlash might present itself

or be thrown mercilessly at them

or hungrily devoured and spewed out again by some comment-heavy troll

someone who will not simply speak the words that the itching ears of the crowds want to hear

that make them feel good, or fall neatly within their confines of what is allowed

of what they allow

someone who will do that which needs to be done

because it needs to be done

needs to be said or written or pronounced

and if that person does not exist

if that person needing to say that thing that needs to be said

share that thought that needs to be passed on

or pronounce that politically incorrect notion of a handed down Truth

if they do not raise their hand

or step up to the keyboard

or make themselves known

what then?


well, if that were to happen

if no-one was to be found who could deliver the message

no one at all

in any place, at any time

then the very words would write themselves

the very Word would write, Himself

this Word will not return void

this Word will.

it’s not going to be stopped!


so really the question just becomes to you

what will you do?

who will you be?

who will you be for?

and to what extent will you change any of that for those who don’t really matter


and just start writing for you

and from you

and for Him

and that’s all.