So a while back you may remember that this South African accented guy preached at Re:Generation church where tbV and i have been attending and i focused a small part of my sermon on the passage in Proverbs where it talks about ‘Guarding your heart’ and how we sometimes take that out of context…

A whole bunch of people at the back of the church heard me say something completely different and spent a bunch of the rest of the sermon [and the following week apparently] trying to understand why i thought that God was hot. [in Americaland the South African for ‘Guard your heart’ can sometimes sound like ‘God, You’re hot!’]

Which you can read more about here…

junkSo this week i am hardly even doing a preach – just prepping people into a time of praying for each other and i say something that gets a discernible reaction from my wife and i thought it might have been one thing, but it didn’t seem to be big enough to have gotten that reaction, so i forget about it and carry on.

The focus of the ministry time was people dealing with the crap in their lives – from Hebrews 12.1 – ‘throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles’ – but i had had the ‘crap’ conversation with the leaders just to get their opinion on it [i find the word ‘crap’ is one that is on the edge – some people see it as a swear word, others don’t have any problem with it] and decided that although not highly offensive it would be better to use something more safe and so i was focusing so heavily on not panic’ing and saying ‘crap’ by mistake, that apparently what i did say was:

“Look around you at the people sitting here. We don’t wear the junk in our lives. No-one comes to church with their junk hanging out.”

Yes, i preached the phrase, ‘No-one comes to church with their junk hanging out’

Which is true. We definitely do not encourage that at Re:Gen.  But that was not quite the point i was intending although the Sniggermometer my wife had with her told me later that it was definitely what some of the people around her heard…

Ah, whatever, God is hot.

[also a lot of people who googled ‘junk hanging out’ just got severely disappointed with this picture of an ancient Chinese boat]