The clear winners of round II of the Brett Andy survey were:

[4] ‘I realised I’d been making a mountain out of a molehill. The mole family, in particular, was not amused.’ [Brett Andy]jhmankind


[7] ‘I was walking down a dark alley the other day updating my Twitter account when I noticed that someone had just started following me.’ [Brett Andy]

And so we continue with the search for Jack Handeyesque out there random humourage which works as i invite you to place your bets on the top one to three you like from the following list:

[1] ‘Stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater!’ Hank knew that his wife was right. That was the third baby they’d lost already this week.’ [Brett Andy]

[2] ‘I don’t understand why I have so much bellybutton fluff. I guess I’ve just been incredibly lucky cos I only really started collecting seriously a couple of months ago.’ [Brett Andy]

[3] ‘Last night I dreamed I ate a giant marshmallow and when I woke up this morning my pillow was gone. I found it later on the floor next to my bed. It probably got knocked off during the night or something.’ [Brett Andy]

[4] ‘As I began chopping the onions, my eyes started to water. I was confused. Why was preparing dinner making me so emotional?’ [Brett Andy]

[5] ‘ “Out, Out damned Spot!” cried lady Macbeth, but still the mutt refused to budge.’ [Brett Andy]

[6] As I pitched my tent I thought to myself, ‘This is the weirdest game of baseball I have ever played.’ [Brett Andy]

[7] ‘My waitress asked me for a tip the other day. I told her to avoid Miley Cyrus music videos.’ [Brett Andy]

There you have them. A strong round but which three will come out on top. Please leave your votes in the comments section below.

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