that photograph you’re taking?

the instagram you’re posting of that photograph you just now took?

the link you just shared to the blog where you store and comment on the instagrams you post of all the photos that you’ve taken?

Be still.

drop your phone on the passenger seat next to you.

turn down the radio.

pull over. stop. turn off the engine.

listen for a minute.

take it all in.

Be still and…

now that I have your attention…

I do have your attention, right?

I do have the whole of you tuning in to the beginning of Me?

no? that’s okay, you’re not used to this.

give yourself a little more time…

I can wait a while longer.

I have been waiting for so long for this.

to be face to face with you

to be sharing this space with you

Be still and know!



Incredible isn’t it?

How the Knowing feels so far out of reach?

How I feel so completely and utterly far off and away?

How any sense of having some kind of concrete ability to reach out and almost touch Me

To really believe that I’m listening when you bother to pray

To really trust that what you signed up for was not some kind of elaborate ruse

But was actually, and genuinely real…

Suddenly becomes so much more easy and unavoidably tangible…

The very moment you really choose to really disconnect and unplug,

to make some time to simply be still, and know.