wordsI am a person who enjoys words as I have shown with my dispositions [another word that is quite fun] on both the word ‘Intentional’ and the word ‘Interdependence’ 

And I’m not just talking simply about nice sounding words here like ‘cognac’, ‘rambunctious’ or ‘superfluous’, but words  with meanings attached that as a concept are particularly attractive.

Oh wait, this time i’m just talking about a nice sounding and let’s be honest fun word… and that is the word UBER which is meant to have an umlaut [yes!] on the U but i get worried that it just gets transformed into a big giant smiley face U and then the rest of the word will feel neglected so i tend to mostly spell it without. [and more mostly because i have no idea how to make an umlaut happen on any form of technology apart from the Pictionary pad where i quickly get disqualified because “it’s a symbol”]

And I’m not sure i use it properly because, as most of you will know, wikipedia informs me that it is a cognate of both Latin super and Greek ὑπέρ. You know, a COGNATE!!!

i just like to use it to express that something is a lot. so on your birthday i might say have an uber amazing day [which means ‘have a lot of an amazing day’] or i like that ‘uberly much’ [which means ‘i like that a lot of a lot’] and, you get the picture… and of course it sounds so foreign so maybe it’s the secret word snob within me trying to be part of the fun.

I don’t feel I’m too far away in this case as wikipedia continues by mentioning that, ‘In German, über is used as a prefix as well as a word in its own right. Both uses indicate a state or action involving increased elevation or quantity in the physical sense, or superiority or excess in the abstract.’

Oh look, good on you wikipedia, you even gave it its umlaut right there.

What words do you find fun?

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