so browsing back through my blog, i came upon this post where i shared about the person who got excited when he heard that the country i was from was South Africa and followed it up with, “Oh really? What country?” and it reminded me of the other story which i don’t think i shared on here:

so back in Philly tbV and i took some kids from the block to a church VBS [Vacation Bible School] that was happening and when we went to go and pick them up afterwards, the pastor was hanging around on the steps and so we got chatting and he got really excited when he heard we were from South Africa. 

He started telling us how when the world cup was on him and his wife and family really got behind supporting South Africa and backing them as their team and it was just such a great event and a bunch of other stuff. And then he turned to me and with all sincerity asked me the question:

africa“How many African Americans are there in South Africa?”

[i mean we know what he was asking – how many black people y’all got in that country where y’all come from?] 

And with more than ten years of improv experience behind me, without missing a beat, i answered directly back with, “I think according to the latest statistics that it was something like 0.02%” [cos, you know, we have visitors and student exchanges and so on] 

He realised his mistake and kind of mumbled and fumbled back around to an “Uh, I mean black people” but by then the moment had been long made…

God bless Americaland. 


[and for those of you who haven’t yet shared your stories of African vs Rest of the World humour moments, there is a comments section waiting, and go…]