It’s the weekend which means a glimpse back at the posts which hung out on The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] blog this last week which included:

Monday’s spectacularly funny [if you appreciate great dry british-type humour] take on The Psychiatrist, by Bob Newhart

Tuesday’s feel good story was about a woman marathon runner who glanced out of her window to see a man stealing her husband’s bike. Uh uh you didn’t. 

Wednesday was a look into some artwork in the Andersons house highlighting a list of values linked to things we try to do in our home

Thursday was a flashback to one of my heroes of the faith, Keith Green, and his uber challenging song, Asleep in the Light 

Friday was me taking on Americaland spelling, pronounciation and ways of speaking that cause a little irk – what are your pet americanese peeves?

A lot of variety and some good stuff – catch up on the ones you missed and if there was anything you really liked, please share it with your friends…

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