Some really great stuff happened on The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] this week and so, as always, this is the guide for those of you who may have missed any of them:

Monday was a Choose Your own Adventure type smile on your face day with the options being a cute slash creepy little girl on Britain’s got Talent singing with a giant snake wrapped round her neck, some hilarious fail attempts at Pinterest crafts and a couple who have worn matching outfits for way too many years in a row.

Tuesday was this stunning collection of street art creativity with some truly amazing offerings.

Wednesday was about making sure you got your Meds [Stories and posts aimed at those who are Married, Engaged, Dating or Single] with a collection of really inspiring posts on different aspects and stages of relationships.

Thursday was titled A definitive guide to insulting the Creator of the Universe and looked at the relationship between Jesus followers and the poor.

And then Friday was my take on the idea that Everything Happens for a Reason which took a look at the responsibility in life for things that happen.

Hope you enjoy and find something for you.

[For last Saturday’s Bridge-jumping, blenders for Africa and the akwardness of your partner having a nail sticking out of her forehead]