i forget who it was, but one of my friends really, no i mean REALLY [as in almost obsessively although not quite ‘boil your bunny on the stove’ obsessively] loved the bit in the outtakes shown during the credits of the movie Liar Liar where Jim Carrey has some paper in his hand and does this little paper crumpling thing and holds up his origami creation proclaiming, “It’s a goose!” [had to be there]

I mean, in what other universe could anyone possibly make Origami funny? I’m glad you asked and the answer is my favourite comic strip, Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis. In his universe Origami becomes funny.

And as with a lot of humour it’s quite possibly that little but funnier because it is true:



Basically my point is, you should like this comic strip too. And start reading it more regularly. [And then email Stephan Pastis and encourage him to include a yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called, oh, say, “No_bob” in his strip [he likes those emails!]

In the meantime, you can keep yourself semi-cheered up by watching this clip from the movie ‘Liar Liar’ with Jim Carrey, trying to ignore the fact that he may not use the word “it’s” and that I’m too lazy to go and erase it from the beginning [but not too lazy to tell you about it, I’m dedicated to my readers like that]

If you enjoyed this strip you will likely enjoy one of the most popular strips of those I have posted on here, maybe cos it references morons…