umbrellas and colourAnother week means another round-up of the blog posts that inhabited my other blog, ‘The Weekly Mash [and Peace!]’ and the chance to catch up with any of them you may have missed out on:

Monday was a combination of funny mixed with satire in the area of social justice as we got to see a video of the non-profit organisation whose mission is to get a blender into the hand of every African.

Tuesday was a combination of articles that caught my attention with the highlight probably being well-known Star Trek and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart demonstrating strong sensitivity and connection at a meeting as he reaches out to a victim of domestic abuse.

Wednesday is a lot better than it sounds as we watched a video clip of a woman with a nail in her forehead – also a bit of a satirical piece and some really good relationship advice in the area of when to listen and when to speak. 

This week finished powerfully and full of challenge as Thursday revisited the old cartoon strip I saw years ago of two men trying to figure out why God doesn’t get more involved  in the affairs of the world and an idea of what His response might be.

Friday took a look at the craziness of people who call themselves ‘Christian’ and give a satisfying answer to that old kid’s quandary of “Oh yeah? Well if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”


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