This felt like a really good week on The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] and so if you missed any of these, here is an opportunity to catch up:

Monday was a joint post of the ‘What Asian are you?’ video clip which was both quite funny but also pretty inward-reflection calling and worth everyone seeing as well as the sequal to the K-MArt “Shipped my pants” ad i shared a while back.

Tuesday became a very busy day, starting with an inspirational article dealing with the roughly 3000 people who went back and ran the last mile of the Boston marathon where the bomb blast killed and injured so many people recently. 

But then later on Tuesday i came across this clip about some Kenyan school high jumpers who because they don’t have mats just have to land on their feet [easy as that] and found is really inspiring as well as an article that showed a mosque coming up with creative ways to dispel violent protest.

Wednesday’s relationship post saw me take a potentially cheesy saying: “Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly”  and look a little bit deeper at each of the four aspects, turning it into a challenging friendship and other relationship post.

Thursday was me dribbling my tough week onto my blog page and looking for an oasis in the middle of rough times and hoping that someone else might be encouraged along with me in this post entitled ‘When you’re weary.’

Friday saw a picture of a beautiful bottle of Nachtmusik and wondering who wins in the battle between Presence vs Presents, and just really really appreciating my friends! 

[for last Saturday’s week that was: Episode 9: Feet street painting, Kevin Bacon bacon, uncontexted tweets and egg bum chicken, click here]