not their real faces

from this last week on The Daily Mash [and Peace!] blog i’d have to say Thursday’s John Piper tweet piece would be one to look at – Friday’s ‘Get your fax straight’ i published on this blog as well under a different title, and if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s Improv TED talk then that is very much worth it, as was Tuesday’s piece about the inspirational feet-paint-tree-creation-on-road-in-Hong-Kong bit… so i’d start with those and catch up on anything else you may have missed this week:

Monday was a collection of pictures which were more for appreciative head-nodding smiling than laugh out loudnessity but worth a look nonetheless –

Tuesday was a collection of three news stories that caught my attention from the restaurant that was closed down cos it smelled too much of bacon to an inspirational project to create environmental awareness to freedom of speech curtailed –

Wednesday contained an amazing and refreshing TED talk focusing on improv to look at the idea of a shared experience of absurdity –

Thursday was an in the moment [the blog changed as i read tweets during the writing of it] look at the John Piper tweet saga that had just broken and some related and important issues –

And then Friday continued by looking at the importance of context and hoax-checking before you pass on the latest piece of gossip the world needs to hear from you [and me] –

In addition to all of this, here is a sneak peek of Brad Fish [from the hit show ‘Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect’] in his new educational show called ‘I can learn you a thing.’:

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