She's the fish, bottom right, well done you did it!

if you haven’t heard the news by now, Ellen DeGeneres has finally got her wish [after hints of a varying degree of subtlety and not-so-much for years on her show] and Pixar will be making a sequel to the 2003 animated hit ‘Finding Nemo’ in which of course Ellen voiced the character of Dory, this quirky and likeable but amnesiac blue regal tang fish called Dory.

the sequel is going to be called ‘Finding Dory’ which is great, but not very original.

so in a bout of creative inspiration, i thought to myself, ‘hey, i can be great but not very ogirinal’ and so i created the hashtag #alternativesuggestionforfindingnemosequel on Twitter and started thinking up my own possible titles for a sequel to Finding Nemo.

These are the ones I have come up with so far:

# The Never-Ending Dory.

# Live Free or Dory Hard [to find].

# Dory another day.

# Dorey the Explorey. [my favourite after The Never-Ending Dory]

# The Sharktank Redemption.

# Toys Dory [you have to say it out loud, possible court case implications]

# Last Tang in Paris

Can you do better? Show me what you got…