B & W hockey stick romance

B & W depth of thoughtedness

black and white definitely holds something special and extra for me in terms of being able to convey the depth of thought and seriousness in the picture on the left or the heightened mystery and intrigue of the pose in the picture on the right. the shadows in both add a stronger presence to the pictures.

when it comes to injecting colour though:

He must become greater, I must become less

psychadelic fish face

for me the picture on the left, which has not been worked on at all, has such a range of blue going on starting from almost white and working through various shades, it resembles one of those pick-the-colour blocks you get for choosing backgrounds and is just stunning in its natural effect. the second picture which was done using laptop webcam special affects i like because of the psychadelic nature of the colours used which create an effect of out-of-this-worldness, a sort of gentle surrealness.

And then ending off with these two which are contrasts in hairstyle – the one on the left is me in action with two of the greatest TheatreSports guys i ever played improv with and if you can get past my horrendous hair [worst ever!] then the depth and darkness of the blue is what really makes this pic come to life for me. It has a bold and framing effect which i really enjoy. And what collection of pictures on colour would be complete without one showing the changes of colour to my hair, this one of my favourite times of going for a mix of it:

Chameleon headstyle

TheatreSports boys in Blue


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