Let this be a least of these Christmas

a little while ago i put a general request out on facebook to see what fun and creative things people were doing or have done for Christmas in terms of using the season as a way to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us or considered by the world as ‘the least of these’ and this bunch of great opportunities emerged…

[i don’t normally allow smiley faces on my blog, but we are talking Christmas here…]

if you haven’t yet taken time to think of something that is not focused on just you and your family and friends for Christmas then perhaps there is something in this list that you could commit to putting your time or money or energy into doing?

or perhaps you are part of something else creative, fun and inspiring that you want to share with others or invite others to be a part of this coming Christmas time? please add a comment below and add you thing and give us a link so we can see how to get involved!

or maybe just reading this blog inspires some creativity in you and you have an idea, or get together with your family or friends and come up with an idea of something new and creative and life-transforming to do for someone or a group of someones who otherwise might not have the greatest Christmas – tell us about it!

Christmas giving












i am thinking of your next door neighbor whose name you don’t even know… the lonely old folks who don’t have any family coming to visit them at the local Senior’s home… the cancer ward in the local hospital… the man with the sign at the traffic light begging for money… a family from another religion who live nearby and don’t celebrate Christmas? someone who you have refused to forgive or a friendship that you just allowed to drift that once meant a lot more to you? the local police station crew? and so on…

this should be our heart and attitude always but for some reason, Christmas gives many of us a bit more of a nudge than we are normally accustomed to do and so why not make the most of it. and don’t do it alone. get people you love involved. often people are just waiting for an idea or opportunity. it doesn’t have to cost any money but if you have money it can cost a worthwhile contribution.

so, in the order that they arrived [and waiting for some links which i will add as i receive them] here are some things people are doing – PLEASE add yours in the comments section or at least the commitment you have to do something outside of yourself…

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Brendan Leslie Vermaak: We run a Soup kitchen/feeding scheme during the year, but every Christmas we have an extra special sit down Christmas lunch for the poor and destitute within our town. Check it out.

Link to last year’s party photos.

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Jonothan Rawson: My wife’s involved in this

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Ashley Brownlee: Will be handing out 50 plus shoebox Christmas gifts in an impoverished area near Ladysmith tomorrow. We’ve been visiting this creche for almost three years now, and will post photographs after the event.

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Godz Garage: Thanks Brett Fish Anderson. We’ll be serving breakfast again this year on Christmas morning, and distributing gifts to children in the community. We will also be having a family dinner at our home for others to join us who may not have a family. Much love to you bro! Tim

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Kristin Heineman: World Vision has a great Christmas giving catalog online.

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Valerie Duffield Anderson: Robin Pocock, was it you who shared that super cool no heatcooking contraption christmas present vibe?

Robin Pocock: Yes! I am using mine right now to cook soup 🙂

Valerie Duffield Anderson: wasn’t there an SA group that was promoting them as gifts for low-income families complete with several ingredients and stuff?

Robin Pocock: Yip here is their Facebook group. For R150 you get the bag and a whole bunch of food:

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Katie O’Connor: My church is doing our Annual Christmas Spectacular 🙂 I invited you all and we are in the process of updating our web!

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Heather Lane: I’ve got a PDF of ways for peeps to bless the children of Linawo this Christmas although you should have received that already 🙂 We’ve just about covered the costs to send the kids on various church camps as part their Christmas gifts – I love Jesus presents!

Emailing me is best: heatherwsa@gmail.com. I’ve also attached the document with more details. Unfortunately we don’t have a website (STILL!!) but peeps can also make donations via GivenGain. This link takes peeps directly to the ‘donate now’ page.

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What else is there? What are you personally going to be involved in this year end? The difference you make to someone could be life-transforming!