picture within a picture

subtle reflection

at first glimpse, this seems like an inappropriate picture to stick under the label of ‘Reflections’ as it is just a sideways portrait of a very sexy man [slash pre-dreadlocked me, some years ago]

but what i like about this picture, is the double take that happens if you give it a moment and are drawn to the reflection that sits quietly, minding its own business, waiting for you in the glasses lens… what story is going on there?

the road less travelled? the trip about to be undertaken?

is there a story to be shared? or a journey yet to be launched?

suddenly what started out as simply a snapshot of a face has exploded into a myriad of possible tales, waiting to be experienced or shared around the campfire, or yet to be written even.

the power of a reflection. and the reflections that accompany it.

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