i have no idea why i start this in my cartoon voice, but if you can get past that [i do, quickly] then it is a continuation of the gospel of Mark, and a look at the first 6 verses of Mark chapter 3.


Jesus does a really great thing. And the ‘christians’ respond in anger because He didn’t do it ‘the right way’ – wow, this one took my by surprise a little – if you watch carefully, you might catch a moment where i get a little emotional [which i wasn’t expecting at all, just got completely moved by the content]

this is a challenging read of the story. not just what did Jesus do? but really, what does it mean to us? what ‘christian laws and rules’ are we putting in place that hamper the work of the kingdom?


Mark 3 verse 1-6

if you feel this one hits the #cough# mark, then please share it and get your friends to watch cos i really believe this is a powerful message… and one we really need to ask honestly of ourselves, our small groups and the church meetings we are a part of…

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