i sit in silence.
and wait…
be still.
i am still.
and know that I am God

i sit in silence.
and wait.
i am still.
i am still waiting.
as i sit i become aware of my breath
of the tick tick tick tick tick of the wall clock
outside sounds. a car. a mother calling for her child. an alarm.
or is it a siren?

back to the room.
and my sitting.
and silence.
stillness and silence.
i appreciate the sound these words make as i repeat them once more silently in my head.
stillness and silence.
i say them internally one more time with over-exaggerated enunciation.

In the beginning there was nothing.
Nothing but God.
And silence? There must have been silence..
And stillness. Stillness and silence.
Is. Anyone. Out. There?
I know there are people out there.
Because I hear them.
Occasionally I glance the flash of a person hurrying past the window through the corner of my eye.

funny that.
i am…
still waiting.
i am still waiting. in silence.
He is.
You are.
You are I Am.
Aren’t You?
The beginning and the end.
Did i miss the end?
Did it maybe happen back then, a few moments ago when i dozed off for perhaps a minute or two?

or an hour.
could it have been an hour?
sure felt that way.
sure feels that way.
these times.
this… time.
the time is ticking.
just as that clock is ticking.
as a reminder that time moves on.
as. must. i…

yet still no answer.
is there anybody out there?
is there anyone to pick up the line on the other side?
say something.
say anything.
please say any thing.

i refocus
clear my mind
and settle back in
to my sitting
and my silence