so from time to time i have started googling the phrase “fun silly pictures of strange weird” just because it seemed like the right thing to do to give a bit of the different flavour to Irresistibly Fish and so far it has done that…

first there was ‘obey this sign’ sign and smoking chicken fish
and then there was bacon cat and toilet mug

and what does week three hold? well take a look at some of these:

It’s a cushion but it’s also a lap. Kinda.

Weave the silk, you must!

Then for the green and eco-friendly minded we have the pea car. And for the artistically inclined it’s Fish in Boat:

and lastly, in a section i like to call ‘HUH?’

The question is… which flavour will you pick?

Okay so a scarf… that is boobs… because… um… cheque for table 7 please!