so this morning i decided i need to get back into some more regular reading of the Bible again and decided to work through the gospel of Mark – one chapter in and i already have a bunch of notes of things that stood out for me.

so i decided that, similar to the Psalms i have been working through every now and then, this could be something that i share with anyone who might be interested, altho this time i will do it via video and so create a series of short insights from the book of Mark that i will upload from time to time.

Mark, my words: Chapters 1 – 4

Mark, my words: Chapters 5 – 8

Mark, my words: Chapters 9-12

Mark, my words: Chapters 13-16

as with the Psalms i would love for you to leave your ideas and comments on each insight so please feel free to engage with me and hopefully we can learn from each other some of the things God is trying to say to us through the book of Mark.