this started out as a hashtag on Twitter i believe, but why should everyone else miss out on the fun…

so far we have such winners as:

Anne Hirsch for North Pole Volting, Synchronised Swinging and Underwater singing

Bruce Collins for Field Hickey and Archrivalry

and of course i have been going crazy but amongst my suggestions are such diverse elements as:

Cross Country Music, Intimate Frisbee, Underwater Signing, Corgi Putt, Table Tenants, Stolen Television Fencing, The Hundred mm Print, dress-[your]-age, the M.C. Hammer, individual discuss, the lesser known Venezuelan Wave

all of these are Rejected Olympic Events… remembering that this is by and large a family show, what other events can you think of to add to the list? let’s have one event per comment… [or high five one someone else mentioned that you thought was particularly clever or witty]