it just took me about 40 minutes to climb into a hammock [Beths]. both from the point of it being a little high [i had to eventually fetch 2 rocks to stand on to climb in – to cheering from the campfire crowds thirty metres away i had hoped weren’t watching!] and me being a little scared my weight would rip the hammock [it didn’t!] and cos i had to stop 3 times to kill ticks on my shoes [first 3 ticks i’ve seen this year – all in the space of 3 minutes – last time the only two ticks i saw the whole fest were the two i had to remove from my…]

but i made it in [cue slightly sarcastic cheering] and it is so comfy that i am NEVER getting out [well, til my meeting in 20 minutes or whenever it is, sigh…]

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