the story so far: the beautiful Val is in south africa for the wedding of her younger sister. i am not.

tonite i cleaned house. earlier i was lying in the place of inspiration [the bath] and God spoke to me about a bunch of stuff i already knew [as you do] and about the serious need for me to, well, get serious, if i didn’t want to get to the end of my time here at the Simple Way and regret a whole bunch of stuff i didn’t do because of all the distractionary things i do do. [hee hee]

and so there was a literal cleaning of house that happened [don’t tell Val, she’ll fall over] so i cleared up our room, the computer room, did the dishes, emptied the dustbins and cleaned out the compost and vacuumed the hallway and our room and neatened up a bunch of stuff.

i wrote a note or two to some good friends that i felt lead towards writing some truth and love and encouragement to and for. and that was good. teas were close.

and then i put into place the things that needed to be put into place to clear up some of the other distractionary things that have been allowed to roost or take root in my life. and it is looking good.

there are two difficult things about that:

[1] the first is that i can justify a lot of them – there is a lot of good linked to some of the distractionary things and there is some good [simply that they are a distraction which can be a good thing sometimes i think] linked to others of them. but just because something can be good does not mean it is the best and so sometimes good has to be put aside or sacrificed for the sake of the better. and in some of them they had been right and good had been achieved [or maybe as He tends to do, God simply brought good through something that was not necessarily good?]

As i was clearing up i found a note i had made from some preach i attended that read “I won’t negotiate at the table of the enemy” which I really like and hope to make a stronger motto in my life.

[2] the second one is the fear that i will just find another distraction to replace the ones i have gotten rid of and it is a very real fear cos i have seen that happen before in my life and it is a very real possiblity. but not one that should cripple me from doing the right thing now ad if such a time comes that there is a different procrastionationary thing wasting my time, then i will kill that too. but part of getting rid of things that waste time in a bad way is the desire to replace them with positive dstractionary things… like reading more, playing guitar again, joining the gym, writing, reading the Bible more at a time, spending time with people in our community, dreaming up community- and world-changing ideas… being still and knowing.

if i have been a little vague here, that’s okay because it is not for you to know the specifics of what has caused me distraction. but to question what does that to you? tv, music, sport, facebook games, cellphone, world of warcraft…

it is so easy to get sucked into meaningless stuff and then have a moment of wait-a-second, Jesus called me to live life to the full – WHAT AM I DOING?

i know what i’m doing. i’m putting it right. well i’m going to try. feel free to cheer me on.