the series continues to breathe and i hope no-one is getting tired cos there is still a lot of great stuff to come – this bit of advice on how to grow a strong marriage comes from my older sister Susan Minne:

We have been married for just over 20 years. I don’t think we have ever stopped dating (still on honeymoon).

I suppose if I have to choose one key thing (hard to choose only one) I would have to say that we don’t play the blame game – ever! Everything is about the team (us). If one of us succeeds, then we both celebrate. If one of us messes up, then we both figure out how to fix it. No time for blaming each other. We also don’t raise our voices at each other. In fact, we have never raised our voices at each other in the 23 years since we met.

Hope that helps.

[married for 20 years]

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