so by now i assume you know the drill – working on jack handeyesque brett andy one liners and needing some feedback as to which ones work and which don’t – after starting round 3 feeling like i was going backwards i managed to hit two really popular ones and so i may be getting my groove back on – which ones of these made you smile, laugh or feel the need to forward on? Please leave a response letting me know your top ones. Oh and we are privileged to have three Mjandey’s [done by my friend MJ] and so please vote for your favourite out of the three:

brett andy’s:

“I think a cool time to get déjà vu would be after suffering a bout of amnesia because hey, I’m sure I forgot this stuff before?” [brett andy]

“Do you think Count Dracula plays cricket with a vampire bat?” [brett andy]

“I would imagine a horse drawn carriage would be a really ugly thing. With hooves it must be almost impossible to grip a pencil for starters and then there is all that fine detail around the edges to consider.” [brett andy]

“I don’t see what all the fuss is about sushi. To me it’s just the sign of a clever but lazy chef.” [brett andy]

“I don’t think there can be anything in life sadder than watching a mime struggling at Charades. That was your shot, man.”[brett andy]

“I recently caught flu after a long flight overseas. I couldn’t help wondering if i should be annoyed, or quietly impressed by the irony.” [brett andy]

‘I think a cool game would be one that combines baseball with chess, cos “swing at it little bishop, swing with all your might, but you’re more than likely going to strike out, one reason being you’re a lot smaller than the ball, oh and also you have no arms.”’ [brett andy]

“I wonder what people used to use swimming pools for before some guy looked at one and went, “Hey, I wonder what this would be like with water in it?” [brett andy]

“I won the best attendance prize at school but wasn’t able to go and collect it cos I think we went to go watch a movie or something.” [brett andy]


“I like oranges. Not for their taste, but their sensitivity to sunlight and trusting personalities.” (MJandey)

“I went to Mount Everest and all I got was this lousy sherpa.” (MJandey)

“Each time I hear the song “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” I always feel I should take my shoes off and go give Christopher his boots back.” (Mjandey)