Jesus-loving single ladies, this blog is for you:

i would love to hear from single Jesus-loving ladies who read this blog. This seems to be a really huge cry from Jesus-loving women out there and i really think it’s important that we address it and hear both sides. I don’t believe this is only a guy responsibility. I think there are issues on both sides of this dilemma and the best way to move forward on it is to hear from girls and guys in the situation.

Here are some of my questions for you:

* what are the main issues that you have with regards to this situation? [There are no decent guys in the church? The guys aren’t asking you out? The guys aren’t serious in relationships?] Help us define the problem.

* what do you think the girls are contributing to the issue and where do you need to take responsibility? [Do guys feel intimated by Christian girls? Are your standards too high in terms of ‘the perfect guy’? Are you approachable? Have girls been playing games so much that the guys are over it?]

* What do guys do or fail to do that exacerbates the issue?

* Are there any things that you can do to make it easier for the guys to initiate relationship/ask you out?

In case you were not yet aware of what issue we are talking about, the topic was raised when I wrote that you need to date someone who has Jesus as their number one focus. A bunch of girls responded by saying “where are these guys?” – either they don’t exist (Christ-following girls outnumber Christ-following guys in church) or else they are not asking us out.

Your comments will be most appreciated. Hopefully we can start to get to the bottom of this and at least find some ways of making things easier for both sides.