okay i’ve posted quite a bit today already so those 5 of you who subscribe and are getting notification emails must really be hating… but this one i couldn’t resist, and i have been fairly quiet in recent days (i think)

let’s get this straight to begin with – this is a hypothetical blog – we don’t have a baby and in fact we don’t particularly want one right now and with the beautiful val’s thesis being handed in today that just leaves you with “so do you know what you’re doing this year yet?”

but having seen a friend of mine’s status on facebook today i couldn’t help but have some thorts on this one. what is it that gives perfect strangers the feeling that they have the right to go up to a complete stranger and touch, carry, hold, kiss their baby?

as i said i don’t have a baby, but if i did and i saw a stranger try and touch my baby i would probly mace them [okay i probly wouldn’t for two reasons, 1 – i don’t have any mace, and 2 – i’m a wuss, but i would strongly imagine it in my mind!] i don’t come up to you in a restaurant and go, “ooh a blackberry, let me see” and start phoning one of my friends to check it out. if you have a new car i don’t – as a perfect stranger – climb into the passenger seat at a traffic light and say, “let’s see what she’s got”

and those are inanimate things. we’re talking about a baby here. a human life. it has to be one of the rudest, most invasive acts you can pull on a new mother and one that is pretty freaky i imagine. i don’t know what disease you may be carrying, what dodgy intentions you might have, where those hands have been etc etc

how about it mothers of small kids? is it just me or has this gone too far? and those of you who are perpetrators of this? what makes you think it’s okay? give us your thorts. [oh, and come on brits, i’m sure you have some gems too]