so i’ve devised this friend test that goes like this:

brett and bob are friends. brett hurts bob (says something out of line, scratches his car, steals his girlfriend, whateva).
bob stops being brett’s friend.

question 1: was bob really brett’s friend? or was he just hanging around while thing were easy and it made him feel good about himself? if the moment something goes wrong, bob disappears, starts ignoring brett, starts bad-mouthing brett, whateva, were they ever really friends, or was it something else… something convenient?

if i think of my three best guy friends, at least two of them i have done enuff stuff to (always unintentionally, you never set out to hurt your best friend) give them ample reason to walk away, or give up on me, or move on… yet they haven’t… that’s one of the reasons that tells me they are really good friends…

what about me? am i a good friend? how much stuff do i put up with before simply disowning or disregarding or moving on to the next friend? do i fight for my friendships? do i refuse to simply let the other person walk away? or do i continue to make it more about me and less about them?

what about you? have you finished sulking yet and gotten over yourself and chosen against the pride (and self-preservation and ego and needing to be right and and and) and gone out to restore that friendship?

or are you a bob?