i am not usually drawn into current world events to the extent that i research them and get quite involved – altho i do iafrica.com every day to keep up with what is happening in world, local, sporting and entertainment events – but for some reason this anne rice story has been following me – i found three links on her facebook page which i think are worth reading [while i ‘get’/understand a lot of what she is saying i don’t agree with it all but i wanted to be able to look at the different perspectives honestly as opposed to just posting the bits i like]

the first i think is an excellent response from a guy called anthony horvath which i thoroughly encourage you to read:

the second is a guy called Michael Rowe who expresses a lot of the stuff really well too altho i don’t agree with everything he says, he does hit some things firmly on the head

and the third is an interview she did after her big announcement which shows where she stands on a bunch of stuff and which i certainly don’t agree completely with, but it gives us insight into where she is which i think is good