the answer is nothing, there is no difference

well, besides the obvious of course – i mean one is generally made out of metal and oh wait, teaspoons are also generally made out of metal… back to no main differences

altho imagine a sock made out of teaspoons, that would look pretty cool – kinda like a chain mailish type of sock – protection against ‘the arrow that got away’ or something – but it would be highly impractical and altho it might help explain the mystery of the teaspoons that i am faced with if it were the case, sadly it is not and so back to square one

i have about 12 different single socks in my cupboard and it might be more and i am not capable of misplacing that many of one object

but that is nothing new – socks have been single-ifying for centuries and in fact ever since there have been socks there have been the one sock phenomenon (seriously, google it, you’ll probly come up with this page)

it’s the teaspoons that is the mystery – no matter how many times i wash all of the teaspoons in the house (and i have only noticed this since being married so i think it might be a marriaged phenomenon) when i need a teaspoon they are all dirty and in the sink – and it’s not like my beautiful wife is secretly using and dirtying all the teaspoons cos i think i am responsible for the majority of teaspoon usage in the house

and the solution can not be to buy more teaspoons because we have one of those dangly hang-all-the-eating-cutlery-on-the-weirdly-shaped-metal-poky-thing things and it can only take a certain amount of them

i fear it is something darker, and a tad more sinister…