i really liked what my buddy kleinfrans (yes, he’s a giant with a name like that) commented on my recent ‘reasons to hate christianity’ blog series so i thort i would share it…

its quite sad the way christianity is being perceived as a box of crayons. you look at the packaging (baptist/catholic/…) and you know exactly what colour crayons you are going to find inside. or at least that is what those that see themselves as ball point pens think. ‘aargh, those bloody crayons are drawing the same brown cross and red blood again and spewing black, red and yellow hell to those who do not draw a white line when their crayon is called to action.’

well, here’s some good news and reality: no crayon draws white except the white crayon. if you want to see christianity as a predictable box that adheres to the pre-conceived laws of crayon, then that is what you are going to find inside the church: all the predictable christians that you are looking for.

but if you look outside the normal perception for some special white-crayon-following crayons, you will find them not inside the box but outside teaching others to put down the gun, kill hate with love, love everyone as if your brother, give yourself for others willingly, love people with more love, forgive 490 times over the same mistake, open your house for someone desperate,…

and if you dont understand this concept of “love above all else”, you don’t really know what Jesus is about and christianity is just a concept/construct/box of crayons/writing pad/building/banana peel/whatever.

Robert, i’m guessing you trawled the net to find a reason/s to hate christianity. it seems to me you are trying to convince yourself that christianity is something bad. i hope you stay tuned to this blog to catch a glimpse of the ‘other side’ and you (one day) find that what you are looking for. i’m not criticising your search/beliefs, this is just a personal observation (imho).

thanks brett. enjoying your series.