‘Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.’ [romans 13.8]

i love that verse.  i have been reading romans for quite a long time now and i just keep getting stuck on that verse any time I am near it

the continuing debt to love one another – what a cool way to be in debt – and the idea that it is ongoing – so keep chipping away at it – keep increasing the investment – but you’ll never actually be out of that debt – cos there will never be a time when you have loved enough, given enough, uplifted enough…

but the flip side is that unlike a normal debt, this is not one that has to leave you feeling bad and burdened or under a cloud of compulsion – cos like another verse i always get stuck on in 2 corinthians 5.14 where it says ‘for Christ’s love compels us…’ and again it’s not the compelling of ‘ooh you better do this thing or else’ but more a case of once we truly ‘get’ Christ’s love – once we understand the sacrifice and experience the joy and freedom of surrendering our whole lives to Him, then the compulsion sets in as a response to His love and grace

the “I can’t not’ness” of God’s love

wow this crazy redemptive revolutionary love of God is so wild man, it’s so completely liberating, it’s so undeserved (i know me!) it’s so much, how can i not pass it on, live it out, pour it out… and continue to do so

continuing debt of love – the one debt i hungrily embrace.