Except for the wind, whistling past me.

Signalling its presence with the effect it has on

A chocolate paper, at my feet

Now gone, blown on

Blown against the side of the bridge

Where i am standing

Forced against the cold metal

It flutters its resistance

But it is held there

And it can not resist

‘Resistance is futile’

So they told me

So You told me

On that day long ago when i chose to walk across that bridge

To You…

But that was so long ago

And today finds me here

Standing on the edge of a different bridge

Wondering if i have the strength of will.

And as i look over

And peer down,

Down, down into the depths

That wind

Which i can feel

As it launches its cold breeze at me, wave after wave

Lifts suddenly

And with it rises that paper

Carried into the air

And it is flying

Flying, flying


Up, and away

As if engaging in some kind of impressive spectacular aerial dance

This way and that it is blown


And tumbling.

Faster and faster, and on and on it goes

Being lifted once more as another gust lifts it up once again.

And as i watch

Fascinated, mesmerised

I sense from deep within

The very hint of a smile

And the vaguest impression of a peace closing in

On me

Maybe even for me.


It feels like everything around me has frozen in time

And now starts up again in slow motion

The bridge, That insignificant chocolate paper

The wind.




And suddenly, i snap out of it

As in an instant, the wind dies.

I watch as the paper is brought to a halt in midair

And quickly begins its plummeting descent

Down and down it goes

But i have long since ended my observation

As i quietly pulled myself away from the shadowed edge

And am once again walking, slowly

Across the bridge

Back to You.