so i suspect this will be a recurring blog theme cos like an incessant ‘are we there yet?’ passes through the long-holiday-journey hourglass of eternal automobile moments, so seems the latest bottle of 2010 SA choice wine – a somewhat bitter-sweet cabinet with subtle hints of preach, cynicmon and sulktana – and so quite possibly the remedy is to keep on writing ‘shutuporleave, shutuporleave, shutuporleave, shutuporleave’ as continuously and in as varied an array of hues as possible so that maybe somewhere, somehow, at sometime someone does shut up or leave

although even that will not leave a satisfying taste in my, well, in our collective, mouth or mouths

because the answer is not shutting up

the solution is not for the whiners to be quiet or leave

it is for them to continue to speak and to even up the passion with which they speak at the moment

but the key is for them to change their…um key, their tune, their vibe, their direction

we need to the message to be screamed and shouted but before that occurs we need someone mischievous, maybe more than one, to reach behind them and sneakily snatch away their ranky red and replace it with a natural sweet south african

we need a dessert, not a deserting

we need a nation to stand together and be a part of a positive anthem being shouted, screamed, sung together and lived out in the public eye

and not a part of a nation standing apart from the nation throwing stones at the nation

away with the ‘nay’ in with the ‘shin’

shin – the part of the leg that needs a guard when playing sport to protect it – we need a people who will stand strong and speak life to protect our nation from the frenetic paced activity that is happening all around it and threatening to cause it some pain if not

shindig – party – community coming together to celebrate, and be celebrated, to thrive, to live

and we do need to live

so if you have decided to live here, then please, live… here. be present, be involved, speak live, live life, reach out, reach up, lift up, look up, grow up, speak up

um like just quite whining is all