so my friend simon is in a band (well about twenty seven bands last time i counted, altho i was just counting, not counting bands he is in per say, but it was fun) and if you have never heard or seen anything Brothers Streep then you should mosey on down to and check out the promo ad for the storytellers they are going to be holding soon… you should be there… it might even be this Friday…

simon lends me a lot of his comedic dvds and records raisin songs for me almost every time i have one and he lets me play Settlers of Catan with his sister and once made me lunch and it wasn’t half bad (i don’t want to talk about the other half, some things stay between friends) but check out that promo video and then look down the side and watch their debut on the Graham Norton show and some of their other videos

i guess you could say they are to comedy what something else would be like compared to a thing it is pretty much like in the aspects of your comparing it.

true story.