yesterday i was at strand beach. and it was hot. very hot. in fact at one point in was standing by myself in the sea, watching over the kids from the township house we had taken there, and i thort to myself, “wow i am burning, with a capital ‘B’!”

followed by the thort, ‘what a dumb saying? why do people do that? it’s [insert word] with a capital [insert first letter of word]’

because the word ‘burning’ in my sentence would not have had a capital ‘b’ it would have just had a regular sized letter b. if it was a person’s name, that would make more sense, as in “hey it’s Kevin with a capital ‘K’” cos that actually would be authentic, but then i think that might just get on peoples nerves a bit or make them edge slowly away from you, avoiding sudden movements or eye contact.

so stop capitalising people. is all i’m saying. just say “wow, it’s REALLY hot today with no capitals whatsoever” – and don’t actually say the “with no capitals whatsoever” bit, that was more just a guide. oh and i just wrote ‘really’ in capitals so you could see what replaced ‘with a capital H’ so it’s not really in capitals.

and to cap it all, this commentary is from the guy who writes completely in capitals (it’s neater and i’ve been doing it since high school) and yet types his blog with an almost complete lack of capitals in places they deserve to be.