besides trying to spell it i mean.

the idea behind this blog is to write and let people discover it. have linked one person to one thing i wrote and also gave mention of the fact that it exists on my FB status… but the idea is not to advertise and draw everyone towards it.

but it’s hard cos i want people to read what i write. as if it matters or something. i do think a lot of what i write matters and i think if and when people stumble across this it will matter to some of them and maybe one day to a lot of people. but the purpose of this was to get my thorts aligned and down on virtual paper.

i need to stick with that. this is predominantly for me.

anonynimity. hm i think that’s more it. actually not too sure but way too lazy to risk looking it up. not convinced, but more convinced than anonyminity for sure. definitely anonymousity if i was in charge though. yeessssss.